About Bridget

I am a design manager working remotely out of Berkeley, CA for AIM, a consulting company. I enjoy working on products that have an impact and are not simply delightful.

I work with project managers, developers, and customers to design meaningful and usable interfaces for enterprise software across mobile, web, and large-screen displays. The companies I work with range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

On the management side, I’m constantly exploring and trying to improve AIM’s user-centered design process. This includes researching, documenting, and providing education to the business and clients.

At AIM, I wear many hats. When I’m not designing or managing the design process, I’m working on HR policies or filling the role of product manager.

After hours, you can find me walking dogs and assisting with adoptions at Berkeley Humane. Or you can spot me climbing at Berkeley Ironworks.

You can reach me via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.